JL Audio

Marine Amplifiers: MHD & M-Series

JL Audio has tackled the challenges of marine amplifier design with the same commitment to engineering and innovative thinking that we apply to our speaker designs. For us, it isn't enough to repackage circuits and technologies that have been around for decades... our customers expect more.

The legendary Slash-Series started it all with its unique R.I.P.S. power supply and patented output technologies. The affordable M-Series offers the same patented output technologies as the Slash amplifiers with a more conventional unregulated switching power supply. The revolutionary MHD amplifiers continue our tradition of innovation with a remarkable high-fidelity Class D technology called Single Cycle Control™.  The MHD's finally deliver on the promise of full-range switching amplifiers, combining outstanding efficiency, small size and amazing sonic qualities.

Whichever JL Audio amplifier you choose, you are getting a product designed for serious performance in your vessel.

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