The world of onboard navigation systems has evolved. Furuno's dedication to deliver the best marine electronics has led to the most innovative, powerful solution for onboard navigation ever. Furuno's NavNet 3D is a groundbreaking new navigation system that breathes new life into the interface. Once you start using NavNet 3D, you will be amazed at how a system so powerful can be so simple to use. NavNet 3D comes fully loaded with goundbreaking new features that will expand your navigational horizons. NavNet 3D uses a cutting-edge technology named "Time Zero." Time Zero facilitates instant chart redraw, allowing for zooming in and out, changing chart display modes and other chart handling functions seamlessly and with no lag at all. Time Zero brings you a truly seamless navigation environment you have to experience to believe. NavNet 3D incorporates a whole dimension into chart prentation with Full Time 3D chart rendering, and comes preloaded with official NOAA Raster & Vector charts for the entire U.S. Coastline, including Alaska and Hawaii.



  • MFD8: NavNet 3D 8.4" Multi Function Display
  • MFD12: NavNet 3D 12.1" Multi Function Display
  • MFDBB: NavNet 3D Black Box Multi Function Display Processor
  • MCU001: NavNet 3D Black Box Control Unit




  • DRS2D: 19" UHD Digital Radome for NavNet 3D, 2.2KW, 24n.m.
  • DRS4D: 24" UHD Digital Radome for NavNet 3D, 4KW, 36n.m.
  • DRS4A: 3.5' UHD Digital Radar Array for NavNet 3D, 4KW, 48n.m.
  • DRS6A: 4' UHD Digital Radar Array for NavNet 3D, 6KW, 64n.m.
  • DRS12A: 4' or 6' UHD Digital Radar Array for NavNet 3D, 12KW, 72n.m.
  • DRS25A: 4' or 6' UHD Digital Radar Array for NavNet 3D, 25KW, 96n.m.
  • XN12A/4: Antenna, 4' Open Array
  • XN13A/6: Antenna, 6' Open Array




  • MU120C: 12.1" Color LCD Monitor
  • MU155C: 15" Color LCD Monitor
  • MU170C: 17" Color LCD Monitor



  • GP330B Versatile, easy-to-install, sensor antenna that offers superior position fix, fast start-up and most importantly, plug-and-play compatibility with NMEA2000 backbone installation. 14 parallel channel receiver with Twelve dedicated GPS Channels and Two dedicated WAAS Channels. Unique "Pin-Enabled" Termination Resistor allows simple NMEA2000 Backbone or Drop Wiring configurations.
  • DFF1 Digital (FDF) Black Box Echosounder Module for NavNet, Less Transducer (600 or 1KW). Furuno's DFF1 is a new network sounder featuring Furuno Digital Filter (FDF) Technology designed for use with NavNet, NavNet vx2 and NavNet 3D. This new digital Network Sounder can turn any NavNet display into a powerful, dual-frequency digital fish finder. The compact network sounder unit connected directly to a NavNet display or an Ethernet hub with a single Ethernet cable. If it is connected to a Ethernet hub that has multiple displays attached, each of those displays will have acces to the Network Sounder.
  • DFF3 Utilizes FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) signal precessing technology. Output power 1 to 3 kW. Furuno Free Synthesizer (FFS) allows for selectable operating frequency of 28 to 200 kHz. Dual frequency, alternate transmision. Works with NavNet, Navnet1, Navnet vx2 and NavNet 3D with no software update required. Compatible with Airmar transducer ID technology. Having compensation with use of the SC-30/50/110. Variable Transmision Rate for different depth ranges allows for more detailed observation of bottom. Dedicated 6-pin temperatre sensor port avalaible. WAGO connection for ease of installation.



The NavPilot autopilot utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, providing the ultimate in course keeping capability. Essential parameters dynamicaly adjust for vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in system memory and continuously optimized. Simple one-touch mode selection provides reliable steering and course control. Multiple customizable display modes include Rudder angle, Heading, Highway, Compass rose, Wind, Nav Info, etc.




  • FM-3000 Radiotelephone is a rugged, reliable 1 Watt and 25 Watt radio with built-in DSC functionality built to withstand the harshest conditions that may be encountered at sea. Its compact, waterproof case design allows a simplified installation on any steering console, helm or flybridge. Dedicated control buttons and a rapidly operated rotary channel selector offer easy access to all U.S. and international marine VHF channels. Instant Channel 16 access, up-to-date marine weather reports on 10 different channels and other advanced features are at your fingertips.