We have Water Makers available to provide you with safe drinking water on your Yacht.


Horizon Reverse Osmosis

Horizon Reverse Osmosis

  • Accesories and Options for Seafari Versatile
  • Accesories for Coral Sea
  • Accesories for Horizon Seafari Mini
  • Accesories for Seafari Escape
  • Horizon Coral Sea Series:Commercial / Industrial Systems
  • Horizon Reverse Osmosis HRO Parts
  • HRO Marine Systems Horizon Seafari Versatile Series
  • Low Energy Systems Horizon Seafari Escape
  • Mini Compact Systems Horizon Seafari Mini





  • Idromar watermaker
  • Idromar Parts
    • High Pressure Pump Model SSE1411 For Horizontal
    • High Pressure pump Model W71 Vertical and Duplex
    • Idromar Electric Parts